New web project
Choose a file with .html extension and drag and drop it into the editor, on the button. Or click the button to use the file open dialog. The program will import all files next to it too, in case you rely on additional JavaScript files or other resources - therefore you should place your .html file in a folder, where its dependencies are and nothing else.

Web Features

Web wallpapers can leverage a number of extra features from Wallpaper Engine. You can add custom properties[1], build audio visualizers[2], and read the user settings[3] to make sure your wallpapers behaves as the users wishes it to.


You can access the Chromium Devtools for your web wallpaper. First, set up a debugging port in the Wallpaper Engine general settings like port 8080, then open the Devtools in your favorite browser by navigating to http://localhost:8080.


After importing your web project you can publish it.

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