Wallpaper Engine Wiki

These are objects in your scene wallpaper that can be drawn to the screen. They have different types and offer different properties and features.


  1. Image Layer
  2. Particle System
  3. Model
  4. Fullscreen Layer
  5. Composition Layer

Common Properties

Shared properties.png

These properties can be found for various types of renderables:

  1. Visible controls whether a renderable is drawn to the screen. Useful to prerender 2D renderables offscreen and use them as inputs to other renderables.
  2. Name defines a name to identify the renderable more easily in the scene graph.
  3. Origin is the position in XYZ coordinates.
  4. Angles describes the rotation in degrees and euler angles.
  5. Scale is the size along the XYZ axis.
  6. Blend mode works like photoshop blend modes for 2D renderables.
  7. Parallax depth for 2D renderables if the camera has parallax enabled in the scene options. This controls how much a renderable is affected by the effect, making it possible to create an illusion of depth.
  8. Materials a list of materials that are used by the renderable.