Wallpaper Engine Wiki

This tutorial will show you how to animate a car by spinning its wheels. Make sure you checked out the basic guides for the Editor and Scene Wallpaper!


  • Open the Editor.
  • Get an image you want to animate, for example this:

Import the Image

Tutorial image import drag.png

Drag and drop the image into the editor.

Editor scene initial import options.png

The project name and scheme color will be automatically set, you can change them if you like. Press OK to import the image and create the wallpaper.

Tutorial image in editor.png

A new wallpaper will be created and the image should become visible.

Animate Wheels

Tutorial add effect.png

Select the image on the left and then click Add in the effects menu to add a new effect.

Tutorial car add spin.png

Choose the Image Effect Spin and click OK.

Tutorial car no spin.png

First, change the speed to 0 on the right, this will make it easier to edit everything else.

Tutorial car center wheel.png

Click on the crosshair icon near center and then click in the exact center of the right wheel. This will make the spin effect center on the wheel later.

Tutorial car spin mask.png

Start painting a mask for the spin effect by clicking on paint near the opacity mask option.

Tutorial car spin mask clear.png

First, click on Show mask to make the mask visible. Now change the value to 0 and click clear, this will turn the mask black.

Tutorial car spin paint rim.png

Change the value to 255 and paint the rim of the wheel white like shown here, this is the part that should spin later.

💡 Pro tip: You can make the spin more realistic by turning the inner part slightly black again, this will avoid rotating the break unit. You can also make the border a bit more smooth for a nicer result: Tutorial car spin mask better.png

Click OK in the paint options to save your changes now.

Tutorial car spin start.png

Change the speed to -5. The wheel will now start rotating, but the perspective is still wrong.

Tutorial car spin values.png

To correct the perspective, enable the elliptical option. You will now see two new controls, ratio and angle. You can use these to correct the aspect ratio of the ellipsis and the angle it should face. For the right wheel here, use angle: 0.15 and ratio: 1.42. You can use the arrow keys to adjust the value with more precision than the slider until you find the correct ones.

Tutorial car spin.gif

The right wheel should now be rolling, repeat the same for the left, start by adding another Image Effect Spin.

Animate Subtle Car Motion

Tutorial car shake effect.png

We also want to make the car shake down and up a little to make it look more lively. Add an Image Effect Shake to the image. Adjust the strength to 0.05 and the speed to 3. Then click on paint for the flow map as shown on the image.

Tutorial car shake paint options.png

Increase the size of the paint brush and make sure the options are set to the ones shown here.

Tutorial car shake paint strokes.png

Now paint the shake movement of the car in one or two strokes with the large paint brush. You can overlap the background for now.

Tutorial car shake remove shake options.png

Reduce the size of the paint brush and set value to 0.

Tutorial car shake remove overlap.png

Paint around the car with these settings to remove the shake effect from the surroundings again.


Tutorial car result.gif

The final result of the animation. Additionally, we've added Image Effect Water Ripple to animate the water, Image Effect Clouds for the sky and Image Effect Water Flow for the road in this example.