Wallpaper Engine Wiki

This tutorial will show you how to add fire animations and glow effects to an image. Make sure you checked out the basic guides for the Editor and Scene Wallpaper!


  • Open the Editor.
  • Get an image you want to add glow and fire to, for example this:

Import the Image

Tutorial image import drag.png

Drag and drop the image into the editor.

Editor scene initial import options.png

The project name and scheme color will be automatically set, you can change them if you like. Press OK to import the image and create the wallpaper.

Tutorial image in editor.png

A new wallpaper will be created and the image should become visible.

Add Glow

Tutorial add effect.png

Select the image on the left and then click Add in the effects menu to add a new effect.

Tutorial glow add pulse.png

Select the Image Effect Pulse and click OK. The effect will be applied to the whole image now.

Tutorial glow begin paint pulse.png

Click on paint next to the opacity mask option.

Tutorial glow clear pulse.png

First, clear the entire mask by changing the value to 0 and clicking clear.

Tutorial glow paint pulse.png

Change the value back to 255 and paint over the parts of the image that should have a glow animation. In this case we draw over all of the bright red areas. Keep in mind you can adjust the size and opacity of the paint brush to paint details more easily. Click OK to save your paint changes

Tutorial glow pulse settings.png

You can now also adjust the settings of the effect to your liking. In this case we applied the following changes:

  • Noise amount: 1
  • Noise speed: 0.02
  • Pulse amount: 2
  • Tint high: orange

Add Fire

Tutorial glow add fire.png

To add the fire effect, add a new image effect and choose Image Effect Fire.

Tutorial glow begin paint fire.png

Start painting the flow map to add this effect to the wallpaper.

Tutorial glow paint fire.png

Move the cursor into the direction you want the fire to move in. In this case we add it roughly in the same places as the glow effect before. the settings stay at their defaults, but feel free to modify them to your liking. Click OK to save your paint changes

Add Preset Particles

Tutorial glow add preset.png

We will add some particles to finish the wallpaper. Click on add in the bottom left.

Tutorial glow add fog.png

Select Fog 2 and click OK.

Tutorial glow place fog.png

Use the gizmos to move the effect to the bottom and scale it up, so that it covers the entire wallpaper.


Tutorial glow result.gif

We've also added another preset here, lightning/thunderbolt.