Wallpaper Engine Wiki

This tutorial will show you how to add a subtle wind animation to fur. Make sure you checked out the basic guides for the Editor and Scene Wallpaper!


  • Open the Editor.
  • Get an image you want to add clouds to, for example this:

Import the Image

Tutorial image import drag.png

Drag and drop the image into the editor.

Editor scene initial import options.png

The project name and scheme color will be automatically set, you can change them if you like. Press OK to import the image and create the wallpaper.

Tutorial image in editor.png

A new wallpaper will be created and the image should become visible.

Add Fur Animation

Tutorial add effect.png

Select the image on the left and then click Add in the effects menu to add a new effect.

Tutorial fur add shake.png

Choose the Image Effect Shake and click OK.

Tutorial fur paint first flow.png

Click on paint of the flow map to start defining the fur animation.

Tutorial fur motion.png

Click and drag to paint a uniform motion for the fur. Make sure to paint in one direction where possible or it would reverse the shake effect. Click OK to save your paint changes

Tutorial fur add flow phase.png

After painting the fur direction, click on the paint option of the flow phase texture.

Tutorial fur paint flow value.png

Change the paint value to 200.

Tutorial fur flow phase direction.png

Now draw a few paint strokes from the center across the shake animation to the outside. You don't have to worry about painting over areas that don't have fur. Doing this will add some variation to the animation. Click OK to save your paint changes

Tutorial fur shake settings.png

All that's left to do is tweak the shake settings.

  • Enable the noise option.
  • Set friction to 2.
  • Speed to 3.
  • Strength to 0.05.

Add Ear animation

Start by adding a second Image Effect Shake to the image and begin painting the flow map texture.

Tutorial fur ear flow.png

Paint across the ears from right to left. Make sure that the paint is stronger at the top and weak near the joint. You can change the value to 0 and lower the opacity to smoothly reduce it towards the joint. Click OK to save your paint changes

Tutorial fur ear phase.png

Start painting the flow phase. Change the value to 200 and paint an area around the right ear. This will make the right ear animate a bit later instead of moving them in perfect unison. Click OK to save your paint changes


Tutorial fur result.gif