Wallpaper Engine Wiki

This tutorial will show you how to create an masked shimmer effect by combining multiple images and image effects. Make sure you checked out the basic guides for the Editor and Scene Wallpaper beforehand. It is recommended that you are already familiar with creating simpler effects before trying this one.


  • Create a new 2D scene wallpaper in the editor.
  • You will need three images for this effect. A background image like this one Treasure.jpg, a shimmer mask with a lower resolution like this Treasure mask.jpg and finally some kind of beam that will be scrolling over the mask like Beam.png.
  • You can create the mask image in Wallpaper Engine, but keep in mind that everything in Wallpaper Engine is computed in real time and therefore more costly to display. A simple way of getting a mask is using this method [1] in GIMP.

Create Scrolling Beam

Tutorial image import drag.png

Drag and drop the beam Beam.png into the editor.

Tutorial shimmer import beam.png

Disable the adjust wallpaper size and center option, because this image will not be used as the background picture that the wallpaper will evolve around.

Tutorial add effect.png

Add a new image effect and choose Image Effect Scroll.

Tutorial shimmer scroll settings.png

Change speed y to 0 and speed x to -0.7.

Tutorial shimmer transform settings.png

Add another effect and choose Image Effect Transform. Set angle to 0.33 and scale 0.5, 1.

Tutorial shimmer beam result.gif

You should now have a scrolling, slanted beam.

Add Shimmer Mask

Tutorial shimmer import mask.png

Import the shimmer mask with these options. Move it out of the way, somewhere next to the beam, using the Gizmos.

Tutorial shimmer link beam to mask.png

Add Image Effect Blend to the mask. Now drag and drop the beam image layer onto the blend texture option. The mask will now animate based on the movement of the beam.

Tutorial shimmer blur settings.png

Add Image Effect Blur to the shimmer mask layer, right after the blend we added before. Change kernel size to 7x7.

Tutorial shimmer mask result.gif

You should now have a smoothly animated shimmer mask.

Combine Shimmer with Background

Tutorial shimmer import bg.png

Import the main image with these settings. Make sure to tick adjust wallpaper size and center this time.

Tutorial shimmer link mask.png

Add a new Image Effect Blend to this image and drag and drop the mask image layer onto the blend texture here.

Tutorial shimmer final settings.png

Change the blend mode to linear dodge and adjust the multiply option to your liking, it controls the strength of the effect now.

💡 Pro tip: Hide the beam and shimmer mask layers by unchecking visible, this will save a little performance! Tutorial shimmer hide masks.png


Tutorial shimmer result.gif