Wallpaper Engine Wiki

The Corsair iCUE API allows users with Corsair iCUE hardware to set up custom-colored lighting matching their wallpapers. For more information, visit the Corsair website: https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/icue Download the iCUE SDK from the support sections to access some enumerations referred to below.

Activating iCUE Support in your Wallpaper

iCUE will be loaded asynchronously when available. Create a global window.wallpaperPluginListener object with the following function to detect it:

window.wallpaperPluginListener = {
    onPluginLoaded: function (name, version) {
        if (name === 'cue') {

After it has been loaded, you can access its methods via the global object window.cue.

iCUE Methods

The following methods are available via window.cue:


Returns current status and version of iCUE SDK.

C++ SDK equivalent to CorsairProtocolDetails returned after handshake with iCUE

window.cue.getProtocolDetails(function (protocolDetails) {});

protocolDetails members

See CorsairProtocolDetails in C++ SDK.

  • sdkVersion
  • serverVersion
  • sdkProtocolVersion
  • serverProtocolVersion
  • breakingChanges


Returns the number of recognized iCUE compatible devices on the system.

C++ SDK equivalent to CorsairGetDeviceCount();

window.cue.getDeviceCount(function (deviceCount) {});


Returns all information specific to a single device.

C++ SDK equivalent to CorsairGetDeviceInfo();

window.cue.getDeviceInfo(deviceIndex, function (deviceInfo) {});

deviceInfo members

  • type: see CorsairDeviceType in CUESDK.h
  • model: human readable name of the device
  • physicalLayout: see CorsairPhysicalLayout in CUESDK.h
  • logicalLayout: see CorsairLogicalLayout in CUESDK.h
  • ledCount: number of available LEDs
  • capsMask: see CorsairDeviceCaps in CUESDK.h


Returns all available LED information for specified device.

C++ SDK equivalent to CorsairGetLedPositionsByDeviceIndex();

window.cue.getLedPositionsByDeviceIndex(function (arrayOfLEDs) {});

members of objects in arrayOfLEDs array

See CorsairLedPosition in C++ SDK.

  • ledId: CorsairLedId as integer
  • ledIdName: CorsairLedId as string
  • top: value in mm
  • left: value in mm
  • width: value in mm
  • height: value in mm


Updates all LEDs specified via parameter. List all available LEDs via getLedPositionsByDeviceIndex above.

C++ SDK equivalent to CorsairSetLedsColorsAsync();


members of objects in arrayOfLEDColors array

See CorsairLedColor in C++ SDK.

  • ledId: CorsairLedId as integer
  • r
  • g
  • b


Updates all LEDs for given devices to one specific color.

C++ SDK equivalent to CorsairSetLedsColorsAsync();

window.cue.setAllLedsColorsAsync(deviceIndexOrArray, LEDColor);

members of LEDColor

See CorsairLedColor in C++ SDK.

  • ledId: CorsairLedId as integer
  • r
  • g
  • b


Updates all LEDs of given devices based on an RGB bitmap provided from an HTML canvas, for example.

window.cue.setLedColorsByImageData(deviceIndexOrArray, encodedImageData, width, height);

The encodedImageData parameter is a string that contains concatenated RGB data. From any given canvas element, you can produce it like this:

function getEncodedCanvasImageData(canvas) {
    var context = canvas.getContext('2d');
    var imageData = context.getImageData(0, 0, canvas.width, canvas.height);
    var colorArray = [];

    for (var d = 0; d < imageData.data.length; d += 4) {
        var write = d / 4 * 3;
        colorArray[write] = imageData.data[d];
        colorArray[write + 1] = imageData.data[d + 1];
        colorArray[write + 2] = imageData.data[d + 2];
    return String.fromCharCode.apply(null, colorArray);

var encodedImageData = getEncodedCanvasImageData(canvas);
window.cue.setLedColorsByImageData(myDeviceIndices, encodedImageData,
                                 canvas.width, canvas.height);

This is currently the most efficient way to compress and send the bitmap. It's still important that you choose a canvas of appropriate size (100x20 pixels), you can efficiently downsample any given canvas by copying it to a smaller one first before generating the bitmap.